Old-Timey Bits

While The Boy and I are counting down the days until we move to the new place (just over two weeks! And now that the plumbing in my bathroom is acting up AGAIN, we’re even more excited about the move…), I’ve taken to documenting every nook and cranny of the awesome vintage bathroom in my current apartment because while I won’t miss its plumbing issues, I will miss its pretty art deco looks.

Looks like there used to be a lock on the bathroom door once upon a time (and yes, a gratuitous shot of the door knob…<3)


Just above my toilet and sink there are these little nubs in the walls that might be a part of the original plumbing for the original toilet and sink (neither of which is still there :-()


There are two of these little nubs above the toilet, and three above the sink. I’ve been trying to do a little research on vintage/1930s domestic plumbing, but so far no good information to indicate if my hunch is correct or not.

Any experts on vintage plumbing out there?


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