The First To-Do List

Okay, it’s not like this is my first to-do list ever…just the first one for the new apartment!

-Glass knooooooooooooooooooooooooooobs! (Home Depot has glass door knobs! For under $8! At that price these are so happening to all the doors in the new apartment!)

-Paint bathroom. (The Boy likes brown, but I’m giving him free reign in the den, so I get to paint over the light brown walls in the bathroom–I’ll probably go with a light gray-green to match the accent tiles)

Accent Tile
Accent tile! (Not my favorite colors, but I’ll live…and someday when I buy a condo I’ll rip out any nasty modern tile and put in black and white goodness!) Also shows the current brown wall color–ick!

-Stain The Boy’s dresser and add new knobs (The Boy’s dresser is a natural-wood deal from Ikea, so we’re going to stain it to match my dresser–which was an amazing vintage deal on Craig’s List–and add nice knobs to dress it up a bit)

-Backsplash? (This one is a bit up in the air–I figure I can make a backsplash like the one I put up in the Rowhouse Apartment pretty removable if I use tiny finishing nails to hang it…but I’m not sure how that tin tile look will go with the slick nice kitchen in the new place…)

And then at some point there will be rugs and a new chaise add-on for my sofa (and probably a new cover too) and curtains and deck furniture and deciding what to do with the giant blank wall opposite the kitchen…


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