How to Make Everyone in the Police Station Love You

The Boy and I are still getting in the new place, so here’s an amusing story:

My office has the worst color printer known to man. It’s probably 300 years old, and likes to print things differently every time you use it. And paper gets jammed in it at the drop of a hat, so I’m used to fighting with it on an almost-daily basis.

Last week, when we were getting everything squared away with the movers we had hired, I had to stop by a DC police station to print out the big “No Parking” signs to reserve parking for the moving truck. When I asked where the printing kiosk was, the woman at the front desk pointed me to it, but warned me that it might not be working because the last people to use it seemed to have left empty-handed.

I got into my account, and told it to print. The printer beeped angrily. Turns out, it’s the same kind of printer as the one in my office! And guess what? It had a paper jam. So I opened up the correct door in the side, pulled out the jammed paper, and then watched as it proceeded to print out at least FOUR people’s parking signs before mine. So apparently a number of people hadn’t been able to figure out what was wrong. Ah, DC residents. *eyeroll*

So, that’s how my skill with our evil office printer actually had applicability outside of our crappy nonprofit office.

Go me. šŸ˜›


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