Sorry I got so quiet after the move. Between The Boy and I being crazy busy and crazy sick, and me generally sucking at the whole unpacking thing, there hasn’t been a whole lot to report on.

I’m being foiled at almost every turn right now on the home improvement front. I wanted to replace the interior door knobs with some pretty glass door knobs that are wicked cheap at Home Depot, but when I tried to take one of the closet knobs off, I discovered that they’re held together with some weird sort of internal latch that you have to have a special “key” to unhook (the internet tried to tell me that you could use a nail or small screw driver to unlatch it, but none of that worked for me). Hrmph.

I also tried to finally put up a clothing rod in the front closet, but my drill is taking its sweet time charging, so even after I let it charge most of the afternoon, I got one hold drilled and then it crapped out. So back to the charger, and I’ll try again tomorrow. Hrmph.

I’m also trying to pick out a color to paint the bathroom walls–they’re currently poo-brown, and I want to get rid of that color SO BAD. (Seriously–who ON EARTH thinks that brown is a good color to paint bathroom walls?? WHY???) But the stupid accent tiles that I’m trying to work with are a pale green, but sometimes they look pale grey-ish green, and other times they look pale blue-ish green. None of the color chips I’ve grabbed at Home Depot yet have worked. Hrmph.

On a lighter note, The Boy currently has no voice. This is resulting in rather amusing attempts at communication in our household. 😛

This about sums up the state of my life right now. Bah.

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