Crying Over Cheap Furniture

…or: Curse You, Ikea! *shakes fist*

The Lillesand bed frame has been out of stock at the College Park and Woodbridge Ikeas (yes, I’m within easy driving distance of TWO Ikea stores. :-P) for the better part of the past year with no indication of when–if ever–it was going to be back, and while browsing the Ikea website today, I noticed that the Lillesand doesn’t come up on the regular bed frame page.

All this, I think, means that the gorgeous Lillesand has been discontinued! *sobs*

I’ve been lusting after this bed frame for the past few years, but now that my current frame is reaching its limit on the number of times one can safely disassemble and reassemble an Ikea bed, plus the fact that a full size bed is a bit snug with two people and two cats, I am finally thinking seriously about upgrading to a queen size bed with a new frame…

But I’m too late! 😦

*sad face*

I’ll keep an eye on Craig’s List, just in case one pops up for sale, but this makes me very sad. Boo, Ikea, boo!



    • OH MY GOD!
      …And neither The Boy nor I have to work this weekend… O_O
      (He’s going to freak out when I ask if we can drive to Philly, not to check out the history sites, but to buy a bedframe. It just might still be worth it!)

      • I found it on the IKEA website but would agree that it’s probably being phased out. It’s not not in stock in any of the NJ, NY, or CT stores. Both the Conshohocken (16 pieces) and South Philly (6 pieces) have it in stock though. Go early, grab the bed in the morning before things get crazy busy. Then you’ll have time to check out the sites in the afternoon. Win-Win!

      • Woohoo!

        (And I just checked with The Boy, and he’s down for a Philly Ikea Road Trip–with a quick stop to check out Independence Hall, etc.–tomorrow!)

        THANK YOU!

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