How Far Will I Go for a Bed Frame?

Pretty far, apparently.

If you were following the comments on my last post, you know that the awesome Carrie at Brick City Love pointed out that the Ikeas in the Philadelphia area do still have the Lillesand in stock!

So, since The Boy and I didn’t have to work during the day on Saturday (he had to work an evening event at a historic site that he works at), we drove to Philadelphia.

And there was much rejoicing!

We bought the bed frame, and went to put it in The Boy’s car…and discovered that unlike most Ikea furniture, the Lillesand doesn’t really come apart that much–the headboard and footboard are solid , welded-together pieces. And that headboard was not going to fit in The Boy’s mid-sized sedan. *facepalm*

So we went to the delivery desk, dreading how much they were going to tell us it would cost to get the headboard delivered from Philadelphia to DC. When we asked, the guy at the desk even said that he’d never had anyone ask that!

But, miracle of miracles, delivery came to only $99. Yes, that’s 50% of the cost of the bed frame, but considering how long I’ve been oggling this thing, it was totally worth it!

But for now the bed frame is living against a wall in our bedroom, because I have to save up for a new queen size mattress. Eeep!



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