Cracked-Out Ideas R Us

So, the let’s-drive-to-Philadelphia-to-get-an-Ikea-bed-frame incident wasn’t an isolated crazy idea. I have a long history of cracked-out ideas, probably starting with “hey, how about I move half-way across the country to a state I’ve never been to, and where I know a grand total of no one, for college?”

Some of these crazy ideas haven’t worked out (me, in charge of a tiny historic site in a tiny town out in the sticks, that is not public transportation accessible? Not such a good idea), but others have been pretty awesome (painting the kitchen cabinets in an old apartment, because the upper and lower cabinets were not only different shades of fake wood, but also different styles? Putting up a backsplash in that same apartment? Both most excellent ideas–and the landlord gave me all of my security deposit back when I moved out!)

So, in my fine tradition of crazy ideas, I present the latest: Baltimore!

I am pretty much totally over DC–I’m tired of the pretentious assholes who love to tell everyone about how their job is “classified”. I’m tired of the absolutely insane rent. I’m tired of the fact that almost all of the apartments that aren’t shit-holes or roach motels or infested with bedbugs have been renovated within an inch of their lives and have no original character left. I’m tired of the special breed of hipsters that this city attracts.

I don’t mind the Mid-Atlantic, over all (though the rural areas, like all rural areas, are scary as heck). Most of my friends are in this area.

So, if I’m sick of DC, but want to stay in the area and need to be in a city? Baltimore! It’s got the grittiness that I love in a city, plus OMG the cheap rent, and the gorgeous (did I mention cheap?!?!) apartments in converted rowhouses that still have their original floors, and millwork, and fireplaces!

Of course, this move may never happen, and it definitely won’t happen until The Boy is done with grad school (about a year and a half from now), but I’m already working on convincing my museum friends of the awesomeness of Baltimore. *evil grin*

And in the meantime, I’m slowly getting closer to painting over the random poop-brown walls in my bathroom:

Painting supplies and paint: check!


  1. Yay Baltimore. It’s such a wonderful city, with public transit accessibility to DC. Also it has some great museums.

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