It’s been a while since I’ve really gotten down and dirty with a lot of work on an apartment (remember the Rowhouse Apartment?). The Art Deco Roach Motel wasn’t worth the effort (roaches! loud, smoking neighbors! water issues!), and the current place is nicely renovated, even if some of the materials used wouldn’t have been my first choices.

Looking at apartments in Baltimore has gotten my brain whirrling on ways to improve and renovate an apartment (how much do you think a landlord would freak out if you re-tiled a bathroom, or ripped out bedroom carpet and refinished the floor?), but that’s almost 2 years off, if it even happens–the museum job market sucks balls, so who knows where The Boy is going to find a job once he gets his MA?

But while I’m waiting, and dreaming of kitchens and bathrooms that need more than just a quart of paint, Jordan over at Oh Happy Day! is making me insanely jealous with the before and after pictures of the work they put in to her family’s apartment in San Francisco. This is exactly the type of stuff I’d love to do to an apartment in need of a little TLC.



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