I don’t normally post a lot of links to random things around the internet on here, but things have been so deathly boring around here that there really isn’t that much to say about the apartment. The new bed is awesome, I’m hoping to revamp our closet storage systems soon, and the cats are furry. Wheee.

Other things around the internet that I think are important:

-The Feline Foundation of Greater Washington is currently asking for donations to help go toward the medical care of a special kitten in their care. Wiggles was brought to them this past weekend with hardly any use of his legs, and they’re asking for money to help cover the costs of tests (to determine what is wrong with his legs), and the subsequent medical care that might be needed. Every little bit helps!

-It’s the DC metro area’s turn to get in on Partners in Preservation, which is run by the National Trust for Historic Preservation and American Express. There’s $1 million up for grabs, and your votes can help determine which institutions in the area will have their preservation projects funded! There’s a lot of great sites on the list, so vote every day! (Personal opinion: I think people should really focus on voting for sites other than Mount Vernon. Every historic institution needs help, but the smaller ones on the list are in so much more of a dire need, and don’t have the cache that helps significantly in getting major donations from rich people the way MV can and does.)

There are my do-gooder plugs for the month! Go forth and do something nice for your community or the world! 🙂


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