Wanna see something scary?

Closet Before

Yeah, that’s what our walk-in closet looks like right now. It’s not so much
“walk-in” as “climb over things and take your life into your own hands”. But once I survive my museum’s big events over Presidents Day weekend, this will be changing!

First of all, I need to pare down my wardrobe. Both The Boy and I tend to accumulate clothing like you wouldn’t believe–we have a hard time getting rid of things, even if we haven’t worn them in months! So an end-of-winter purge is in order.

Also, The Boy wears a uniform to work, so we need to have a separate spot for him to have his work uniform pieces readily accessible (not seen in the above picture is the hallway outside the closet, which has some wall space that will be good for hooks to hang that stuff)

Not to mention the stack of empty plastic tote bins that are piled up in the closet–those need to migrate down to the basement (oh man, having a basement makes the storage issues of an old building so much more bearable!).

And do we really need quite so many spare pillows? We don’t have guests *that* often or in that large of a number!

So once I get this closet cleaned out some, it will be time to reorganize it!

The NORDLI chest from Ikea will be great for low storage under our hanging clothing (The Boy has an insane t-shirt collection for someone who wears a uniform 5 days a week, but he won’t part with them, so we need a way to store them!)
The FJALKINGE shelf unit will take the place of the pile of empty bins and will provide a place for us to store/display my insane shoe collection (especially for someone whose job involves running up and down 3 flights of 200-year old stairs), and The Boy’s ye olde timey hats.
The BEKVAM stool will make it easier to reach things on those upper shelves!

Obviously, this is a lot of white. I want to keep things light since our walk-in closet isn’t all that big (and it has awful “wood-look” laminate floors that are probably from the ’70s–I’m debating trying to paint over it, but the fact that the laminate is bubbling in some places makes me just want to rip it all out and start over), but I also want to work in some color thought baskets and bins to corral the things on the upper shelves–anyone know of any good sized (good LOOKING) containers that can hold spare blankets and sheets and towels and the like? 🙂

So, that’s the plan for later in the month. Let’s see how this goes (provided I survive the next week and a half!)


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