About Me:

Washington, DC is a city of contradictions, and I am a woman of contradictions…

What You Will Find Here:  tales of 20-something life in the city (Washington, DC), love for cities, love for Washington DC in particular, historic preservation love, car-free living, old building love, wonky old apartment love, quirky home decor on the cheap, musings on the state of the museum field, cooking with 4 sq. ft. of counter space, kitty love, container gardening, not being pretentious, the creepy basement, half-assed home improvement, musings on race, class, gender, and ethnicity, and our perceptions thereof.

What you Won’t Find Here:  tales of finding a huge new-construction home in the suburbs, car buying tips, baby pictures (unless you count fur-babies), stainless steel appliances, snobbery, uber-modern decor, uber-midcentury modern decor, wedding planning, product promotions, give-aways



    • Thanks! And you won’t have to worry about people getting us confused for much longer–now that I’m transitioning out of working in the museum field (mostly), and I’m moving back into the city, I’ll probably be changing the name of the blog soon! 🙂

  1. Hey just came across your blog. I love it. I used to live in Mount Pleasant and miss it all the time. Now living in Baltimore in a converted row house, and have a similar kitchen. Considering painting after seeing your work. Way awesome!

    • Awww, thank you! I’m a huge fan of inexpensive things that you can do that make a HUGE difference, and paint is probably #1 on that list! I think a lot of people overplay the “I live in a rental so I can’t do ANYTHING to my place!” I say who cares? If you’re going to be living in an apartment for the long haul, why not make it your own? 🙂

      I actually lived in Mount Pleasant for a year a couple of years ago, and then had to move out to the ‘burbs for work–I missed Mt. P SO MUCH that I moved back the first chance I got!

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