The Art Deco Roach Motel

On a quiet street in the North Petworth neighborhood of DC is an apartment building that was built in the 1930s.  Like the rowhouse in the “Rowhouse Apartment”, this building has seen better days.  But it’s also more than $300/month cheaper than the Rowhouse Apartment.  And the apartment itself still has a lot of awesome vintage and art deco touches!

The entry way! (Are you excited? You should be! :-P) Directly ahead is the bathroom, to the right is the bedroom, and to the left is the living room.

The bedroom! (Hey, I’m excited about having a closet that is actually meant to be a closet and didn’t used to be a hallway!)

The bathroom!  (OMG, it’s a bathroom that’s laid out in a way that makes sense! And a bathtub that has actually been professionally refinished, not just slapped with some wall paint!)  Black and white pinwheel tile!  You can’t see it in this picture, but above the medicine cabinet is an awesomely art deco light.  I totally want to play up the art deco angle in here!

The living room!  It’s massive!  No pretty fireplace mantle, but plenty of space to also have my craft desk in here (Yay for getting clutter out of my bedroom!)  And yes, there are windows on three sides in this apartment!  Through the awesome arched doorway on the left is the kitchen and dining nook.

The kitchen!  It’s teeny tiny!  (Like, really f-ing tiny!)  And also dishwasher-less.  But!

It has a pretty vintage built-in cabinet!  The perfect place to display the blue and white porcelain that I’ve been accumulating! (Also, yes, that is a full size gas stove behind the cabinet!  Thanksgiving at my place this year–if you help with the dishes!  :-P)

And here’s the real reason why I rented the apartment: both the bedroom and the bathroom have original glass doorknobs! *drool*

And that’s the Art Deco apartment as of late March, 2012 (just before move-in)!



  1. Super cute place! I love the little details & the flooring is beautiful. I would try switching the hinge on the fridge to the other side; It looks impossible to open! Are those radiators still functional, or did they upgrade to central heating/AC and just leave them for decorative purposes?

    • Thanks!

      A new fridge was actually installed right after I took those pictures–it’s a bit smaller, but fits much better in the tiny little kitchen 🙂

      And the radiators are still functional–like my soon-to-be-former apartment, this place has radiator heat (which is awesome, and included in the rent!) and window a/c units. Window a/c isn’t much fun in the summer, but it’s pretty common in most older apartment buildings in the DC area!

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