The Rowhouse Apartment

In June 2010, I moved into an apartment in a converted rowhouse in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood of Washington, DC.

I (mostly) adored the neighborhood, and I (mostly) adored the apartment.

When I describe my apartment to people, I tend to refer to the rowhouse it’s in as “the dumpy one on the block.”  It’s true–the building has definitely seen better days, but I love all of the intact 1910 character and detail!  (And have I mentioned that my rent is insanely cheap? :-))


The fireplace doesn’t work anymore (obviously), but it’s still freaking gorgeous!  (This photo was taken while they were doing some work on the apartment between tenants–they were in the process of painting over the turquoise that the previous resident had put on the walls)

Also, hello bay window!

The kitchen is very strangely laid out, because the room was not originally intended to be a kitchen–I think it was originally a bedroom–so fitting appliances in is a challenge.  But I’ve got a (small) gas stove, a fridge (which is off the left edge of this photo), and a dishwasher!

There’s the fridge!  And the pantry!  And look at those pretty wood floors (they’re not in  great shape, but I don’t have to worry about doing any damage to them, and I’m pretty sure they’re original to 1910 also!)

And awesome old tile and radiators in the tiny bathroom.


*Note*–All these pictures were taken before I moved in.  See the main blog for images of changes and additions I’ve made!

NEW 1/13/11:  A (really bad, not to-scale) floorplan of my apartment:

NEW 3/9/2012:  As of April 2012, I will no longer be living in this apartment.  The need for a space without weird water stains on the walls and ceiling,  rattling windows, and the quest for a normal bathroom (and cheaper rent) will be taking me off to the wilds of North Petworth, DC.  Check out “The Art Deco Apartment” page for more info on the new place!


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